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Shopper: Shoppers in the Crossfire? Dollar General vs. Dollar Tree/Family Dollar


By: Mike Paglia, Rachel McGuire

The drawn out acquisition saga involving Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and Family Dollar has given those in the trade much to discuss over the last year. And now that Dollar Tree has emerged as the ultimate victor, the stage has been set for potential battle.

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Kroger: The Big Guy Making Big Changes


By: Alida Destrempe

Kroger continues to solidify its position in the retail landscape, posting 46 consecutive quarters of positive identical sales in the first quarter. Growth is coming from multiple angles, where the retailer is proving how the big can indeed get bigger.

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Shopper: July 2015 Shopper View: Monthly Dashboard


By: Caroline Gormley

This quick overview of what's trending in ShopperScape® shows which retailers are up and which are down in terms of the size of their overall shopper bases, which shoppers are the most upbeat in their near-term spending plans, and much, much more.

Shopper Article

Shopper: Benchmarking Target Against Its Growth Goals: Potential Areas for Success and Challenge


By: Amy Koo, Erin Kennedy

Target is full speed ahead with its renewed strategy: refocusing on the Demanding Enthusiast and repositioning its assortment to support its four Signature categories. Using data from ShopperScape®, Kantar Retail explores where Target is positioned for success and where it may face challenges.

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Walking the Box: Best Buy


By: Laura Kennedy

This tour of Kantar Retail’s latest visits to Best Buy stores outlines how the retailer is aiming to increase store productivity with a focus on branded experiences, as well as a focus on “advice, service, and convenience at competitive prices.”

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Walking Convenience Stores in the Southwest: Circle K vs. QuikTrip


By: David Marcotte

Get Kantar Retail’s expert analysis on how suppliers can leverage the new larger convenience store formats at Circle K and QuikTrip.

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Amazon Q2 2015 - Financial Results & Key Highlights


By: Nicole Santosuosso

Amazon has reported financial results for its second quarter ended June 30, 2015. Net Sales grew 20% to USD23.2 billion. Operating income was USD464million, compared with operating loss of USD15 million in the second quarter 2014.