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The Demographic and Shopper Trends Influencing the Back-to-School Season

30 Aug 2016

By: Kate Senzamici, Doug Hermanson

Key demographic and shopper trends influencing the back-to-school season include: fewer families with kids, spending intentions in line with recent years, and dollar stores on more shoppers’ back-to-school lists.

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Sam’s Club Q2 2017 Results: Upgrading for the Future

29 Aug 2016

By: Timothy Campbell

Though growth slowed for Sam’s Club in Q2, overall comps growth continued to show positive trends, boosted by rising ticket.

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August Report on Shopper Behavior: Many Channels See More Shoppers

29 Aug 2016

By: Kantar Retail Shopper Team

Key trends emerging from Kantar Retail’s July ShopperScape® survey include: Shopping incidence across channels rose in July. Consumer electronics rankings shift as Walmart and Amazon surpassed Best Buy in the battle for overall share of preference in the category.

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#TargetRunDay Signals Target’s Blast to Its “Pay Less” Past

26 Aug 2016

By: Amy Koo

Target’s #TargetRunDay promotion this Sunday, August 28th will offer a whopping 10% off nearly everything both in store and online. When times get tough, Target’s go-to-solution is a reversion to price first messaging.

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Amazon Q2 2016 Results & Analysis

26 Aug 2016

By: Meaghan Werle

Amazon reported its second quarter earnings for the period ending June 30, 2016. In addition to examining Amazon’s latest financial results, this slide summary report highlights the retailer’s key developments in Q2 and important themes moving forward in 2016.

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Canadian Grocery and Drug Channel Snapshot

26 Aug 2016

By: Amit Kumar, Akhil Mishra, Robin Sherk

This slide summary provides financial performance highlights for Loblaw/Shoppers Drug Mart, Sobeys, Metro, and Jean Coutu’s latest results. It also discusses moves these retailers have made in 2016 to drive their positions and the implications these shifts entail.

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Apparel Retailers to Watch: Q2 2016

26 Aug 2016

By: Tiffany Hogan

Three themes run through the quarter’s key developments: retailers are pinpointing shoppers, emphasizing new categories, and leveraging technology.

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Canadian ShopperSpective Reveals Retailer and Shopper Trends

26 Aug 2016

By: Robin Sherk, Rachel McGuire

To show how CanadianShopperSpective is guiding client decisions, we wanted to share three specific illustrations.


As Lidl’s Arrival Draws Closer, Store Layouts Come in Focus

26 Aug 2016

By: Mike Paglia, Simon Johnstone

Kantar Retail’s Lidl experts analyze preliminary layouts for the retailer’s first US stores, provide suppliers with an early perspective on what to expect, and discuss the stores’ design illustrate Lidl’s disruptive capabilities.

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Modestly Improved Holiday Growth Expected in 2016

24 Aug 2016

By: Doug Hermanson

Kantar Retail’s fourth quarter holiday forecasts indicates modestly improved growth in 2016.